what we do

The mission for AIA/FCA Twin Cities is making disciples who make disciples. Our hope is that every student athlete involved in our ministry would encounter Jesus Christ, grow as a follower of Christ in community with others, and be equipped to make more disciples of Christ. 

Each night of the week there are discipleship groups made up of 3-8 students meeting on athletic departments across the Twin Cities. In these groups students are taught about the gospel, how to read their Bible, and how to grow in their relationship with Jesus. In time we equip these students to launch and lead their own discipleship group and multiply their lives into others. By God's grace, we are making disciples who make disciples.

Twice a semester all of our discipleship groups gather together for an event called Training Table to build community and receive practical training to live out their faith on campus.

mission, vision and values


Making disciples who make disciples (2 Timothy 2:2, Matthew 28:18-20)


Disciples making disciples on every athletic department and every collegiate team in the Twin Cities. 



2. Give Generously

3. Multiply Who We Are and What We Do

4. Reflect God's Design for Oneness and Diversity

5. We Are Better Together

6. Covenant Relationships Empower Kingdom Work