Our story

In the fall of 2017, two local leaders from AIA (Luke Middendorf) and David Melms (FCA) met for lunch to build relationship and discuss what God had been placing on their hearts for the future of their ministries. What became clear from that initial meeting was a growing burden to see more campuses, teams, athletes and coaches reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

While FCA had a strong presence in St. Paul, and AIA had a strong presence in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, truly reaching the Twin Cities athletic community with the gospel COULD NOT be done by one ministry alone. So Luke and David asked: "What would need to happen to see disciples making disciples on every athletic department in the Twin Cities?" The answer soon became clear: to glorify God by trusting in Him for a gospel-centered partnership between the collegiate Twin Cities teams of AIA and FCA.

This partnership began with lots relationship building, time in prayer, life giving interactions, strategy sessions and lots of input from key local ministry partners and AIA/FCA leadership. Eventually, the AIA and FCA teams began meeting together, working together on campus in discipleship groups, and now trusting God together for this shared scope of the Twin Cities collegiate athletic community. We truly believe we are BETTER TOGETHER.


Since the fall of 2018. these AIA and FCA teams have LOVED working together to trust God for the mission of making disciples who make disciples. We are trusting the Lord to see the lives of collegiate athletes and coaches transformed by the gospel in Minneapolis, St. Paul and St. Cloud.

What we are trusting god for

Direction: Disciples making disciples on every athletic department and every collegiate team in the Twin Cities.

Purpose: Making disciples who make disciples.

Practices: These practices contribute to the culture we desire within our local AIA/FCA Twin Cities collegiate team and movement (Currynt). At the same time, our staff also affirm and align with the broader organizational values of AIA (Faith, Growth, Fruitfulness) and FCA (Teamwork, Service, Integrity, Excellence).

  2. Give Generously
  3. Multiply Who We Are and What We Do
  4. Reflect God's Design for Oneness and Diversity
  5. We Are Better Together
  6. Covenant Relationships Empower Kingdom Work