The currynt logo

In collaboration with the Morsekode Creative Agency from 2018-2019, the AIA and FCA Twin Cities collegiate team engaged in a design process for a logo that could represent this unique partnership to the athletes, coaches and athletic department staff we serve on campus. 

During the 2019-2020 school year, through the feedback of organizational leadership, local ministry partners, key students and local staff, multiple logo logo options were weighed in on. In the end, Currynt was the clear choice. 

Morsekode's inspiration for the Currynt logo was: By bringing these two organizations together (AIA and FCA Twin Cities), we provide numerous opportunities for more people than ever before to align their spirit with God’s. When you participate in these ministries, you align your physical and spiritual self with God’s intent. You’re in a flow that moves you and others around you closer to God.