What is currynt?

This Twin Cities collegiate partnership between the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Athletes in Action teams creates a current that will provide more opportunities to move athletes and others around them closer to God. The collegiate staff of AIA and FCA Twin Cities believe we are better together and selected the local partnership name Currynt.

We want to see this partnership become a powerful current that brings students together into a flowing and connected community. The”Y” in current is representative of two rivers, AIA and FCA Twin Cities, converging into one and as an athlete in a posture of surrender to Christ.

Through this strategic partnership, discipleship ministry is happening on seven local athletic departments (University of Minnesota, Hamline University, Augsburg University, University of St. Thomas, Concordia St. Paul, Macalester College and St. Cloud State University).

Watch our new video about the Currynt partnership HERE.

what's the purpose?

The purpose of this Twin Cities collegiate partnership is to strategically leverage resources and influence to create a greater impact on campus through athletes and coaches, for the building of Christ's Kingdom.

AIA and FCA Twin Cities believe we are better together in pursuing our dream of one day seeing disciples making disciples on every athletic department and every collegiate team in the Twin Cities.